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Keshav Global is leading the charge in transforming agriculture and timber industries into sustainable, green, and socially responsible sectors. Our commitment to sustainable practices, green energy adoption, carbon credit initiatives, and women's empowerment is shaping a future where environmental stewardship and prosperity coexist. Join us in sowing the seeds of change for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

  • "Fortify Your Future: Building on a Solid Foundation for Strong Growth." - Sunil Kumar Garg
128 Years of Legacy

Building Tomorrow's Prosperity: Regenerating for a Sustainable Future

Guided by Values, Defined by Principles

Where Integrity Meets Excellence

Our Vision

Keshav Global aspires to establish itself as the distinguished global leader in the timber and agriculture sectors

Our Mission

At Keshav Global, we are on a mission to transform the timber and agriculture sector through the development of an integrated value chain that encompasses the entire journey from seeds to retail by upholding environmentally responsible practices.

Thinking Big

Our Values


Our Values


Our Values

Building Trust

Our Values


Our Values


Our Values

10 Year Focus


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Empowering farmers


Improving Soil Health


Bio Energy & Bio Fuel


Women Education


Organic Production

Our History of Growth


The Company foundation
was laid by Shri Lala
Sagar Mal Ji, who started
a bamboo business in
Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.
Shri Lala Sagar Mal Ji
along with his son Shri
Shambhu Nath Ji
registered the official
business in 1895.


Sh. Brahmadevi had only bee married for a few months when her husband died at a very young age. However, she fulfilled her marital vows, by staying in the family and taking care of both the timber business as well as her in laws. • Her life of sacrifice kept the business alive.


Under the leadership of 45 generation - Sri Raj Kripal The business achieved steady growth and focus was placed on various philanthropy aspects and charitable causes like education of girls. He is the founder of Smt. Brahma Devi Saraswati Balika Vida Mandir Senior Secondary School.


Chairman Emeritus Mr. Sunil Garg took over the business. The company achieved robust growth through business transformation and expansions. The company started importing timber from various South Asian countries and new sales offices were established.


Mr. Vyom Garg took over as the CEO of the company. Under his leadership trading oftimberwas established in many African countries. During the next 15 years the company diversified and started trading of many essential and specialty agriculture products in Africa.


At Keshav Global, our future is guided by a legacy of excellence and a commitment to sustainable growth. We're dedicated to expanding globally, diversifying our offerings, and leading in sustainability and innovation. With responsible financial growth, we'll invest in our people, operations, and communities, ensuring our progress remains unimpeded