Organic Farming

Keshav Global has established a strategic partnership with NECL, a renowned organization renowned for its expertise in the agricultural and food sectors. This collaboration will be instrumental in executing and implementing the project on the ground. NECL’s extensive experience and specialized knowledge in these industries will greatly enhance the successful achievement of our objectives. By joining forces with NECL, we gain access to their valuable insights, operational capabilities, and profound expertise, reinforcing our endeavors and amplifying the impact of the project.

Keshav Global’s Organic Farming Initiative

Keshav Global is dedicated to promoting organic farming as a comprehensive approach to agriculture that fosters sustainability and prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and chemical fertilizers. This initiative prioritizes soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem equilibrium, leading to the cultivation of healthier crops, minimizing environmental impact, and the production of premium organic food for consumers. To ensure the success of this initiative, Keshav Global has formed a partnership with NECL, a renowned facilitator in the agricultural and food industries. NECL will actively participate in the implementation and execution phases on the ground, leveraging their expertise and resources to maximize the impact of our organic farming endeavors.

Introduction of NICERT:

NICERT Expert Consulting Limited (NECL) is an offshoot of First Heritage Global Investment Limited (FHGIL), A company engaged by the Niger State Government in 2017 to develop a Roadmap cum Masterplan for the Niger State Shea sector. In drawing up the Roadmap, a Shea Policy was enacted, and about 100 women were trained on quality Shea production for grade A butter according to the American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI) protocol. Also, NECL has created a training for Organic wild collection for Shea and Fair Trade which will help women producers get their Shea products into the lucrative international markets. All of these have also led to NECL achieving a “paradigm shift”, expanding the value chain of the Shea tree and increasing its value with more derivatives apart from the butter. We also drafted a proposed amendment to the existing law as it relates to Shea tree falling to help conserve and protect the trees which directly impacts the livelihood of the women in the sector. NECL was created in our efforts to awaken the certification market in Nigeria. NICERT Expert Consulting Limited has a team of experts and consultants that provide the services as discussed herein.

The role NICERT now plays in the Nigerian economy is not just the presence it provides through Nicert Limited (an inspection body), of a local entity in Nigeria offering conformity assessment and certification services but also the capacity it now offers through NECL of affordable and accessible advisory and consultancy services to sensitize, train and help producers establish appropriate Quality Management Protocols and Systems (QMP & QMS) that enables them consistently produce goods that will pass the assessment, inspection and auditing tests that lead to the certification of those goods for conformity to standards required by end users in the Lucrative international markets. NECL encourages production and processing of export crops in accordance with standards in the lucrative formal markets, by making conformity assessment and certification for those standards available to processors. NECL also provides advisory services and support for companies, associations, and governments to build their environmental and sustainable development policies. There is also a provision of training for technicians from industries, institutions, and local authorities in order to implement changes in practices toward more sustainable ecosystem management. The company is further keen on communicating international best practices and educating the general public so as to inspire new practices and encourage a responsible and sustainable economy through agriculture. NECL is also interested in innovations as a result of which it invests in research, participates in the emergence of future technologies and encourages virtuous growth, consistent with the regeneration capacities of the world’s ecosystems

Our Clients :

Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). NECL is a technical service provider to Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) National Agricultural Extension Research & Liaison Services (NAERLS) National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services (NAERLS). NAERLS is one of the 18 National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARIs) under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Institute is responsible for the development, collation, evaluation and dissemination of proven agricultural innovations and research on extension methodologies and policy. ITC/ SheTrades Commonwealth Project (Nigeria). NECL is a technical service provider to ITC/SheTrades Commonwealth Project (Nigeria).