History Timeline

Generation 1
Late Mr Lala Sagar Mal

Mr Lala Sagar Mal was born in 1861 in Beri District (Haryana). Our Group’s journey of 148 years began in 1875 when Mr. Sagar Lala set afoot from Beri to Hapur village (Uttar Pradesh) with his entire life possessions on 3 camel carts. He set up a bamboo business in Hapur village which was conducive to this trade due to its location along the Ganga river basin. The Ganga river was the main means of transporting logs at the time due to inadequate roads. In 1895, he registered an official business with his son – Mr Shambhu Nath.

Generation 2
Late Mr Shambhu Nath

Born in 1884, Mr Shambhu Nath joined the family business at a very young age. In 1895, by the time it was registered, he was already working full-time even though he was not even a teenager. His main contribution was adding the production of timber, which was sourced from Central Pradesh (now Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh). At the young age of 18, he met with an unfortunate accident which rendered him blind. However, by this age, he had already worked for roughly a decade and was well-versed in the industry. Tragedy struck again when his son, Shri Banwari Lal Ji, left Earth at the tender age of 18. He continued his perseverance for the betterment of the company and contributed in every way he could until his demise at the age of 42.

Generation 3
Late Mrs Brahmadevi

Mrs Brahmadevi had only been married for a few months when her husband died at a very young age. She was offered a chance to leave and start life afresh. However, she fulfilled her marital vows to the letter, by staying in the family and taking care of both the timber shop as well as her in-laws. Her life of sacrifice kept the business alive. As a widow, she had to adopt a son to keep the family chain going. She taught him the family’s business and also urged him to do something for young underprivileged girls in India if he would be lucky enough to reach a status of privilege himself.

Generation 4
Late Mr Raj Kripal

Mr. Raj Kripal sustained the family business into the 4th generation. He made the business debt-free by running operations in an elementary manner without taking credit. His main life focus was on charitable causes, particularly educating underprivileged girls & ensured all children get a quality education. This would become a consistent pillar of our Group in the decades to come. He is the founder of Smt. Brahma Devi Saraswati Balika Vidya Mandir, Senior Secondary School & a well-known philanthropist who devoted his life to education, when and where it was needed the most. His primary principle was that educating one girl results in the education of two families which would eventually lead to self-dependence.

Generation 5
Late Mr Sunil Kumar Garg

Mr. Sunil Garg completed a highly professional education in Science and Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College. He took over the reins of the company in 1976. While he inherited a functioning business, he only had a small house with basic facilities. However, his reign multiplied the business thousand-fold and transformed it in every aspect. After 4 generations of basic sustenance, he was able to break through to a much higher level by transforming every aspect of the business. To finance his plans, he took banking credit from India’s major banks. He set up an impeccable reputation of trust and repayment, which stands to this day. He used the funds to import timber from across India and Asian countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Indonesia, African countries etc. To sell the product, he opened sales branches in Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi and a regional branch in Delhi to control sales in North & South India. He carefully managed every aspect of the business – from spending months in forests without basic amenities to travelling across the nation and outside for long periods. In 2004, he divided the business with his siblings. Due to their much younger age, he gave away a generous share of the business and essentially started afresh. From 2008-2023 he helped & guided Keshav Global to start banking in Singapore, Dubai & Hongkong. He has assisted in all financial needs of the company & jointly worked with Mr Vyom on the financial & other aspects of the business Today, he is our Chairman Emeritus and still our guiding light.