Message from the Managing Director

Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s the blueprint for a future where prosperity and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.”

Keshav Global is acutely aware of the significance of leveraging its presence within African markets and its unique positioning to drive global climate change initiatives, increase the value addition to agricultural products, champion girls’ education, endorse sustainable timber practices, and uplift indigenous communities through the creation of employment opportunities and initiatives aimed at bolstering food security.

We recognize that both trees and crops offer sustainable solutions to a myriad of challenges. Through the utilization of wood sourced from responsibly managed forests, the implementation of sustainable agricultural methods, and the promotion of eco-friendly transportation, we aim to engender enduring positive impacts.

At Keshav Global, our commitment to sustaining these constructive endeavors remains unwavering, as we seek to make a substantial contribution to the economic development of Africa and Asia. Through our operations, products, and the opportunities we extend to our workforce and local communities, we aspire to effect a meaningful and lasting change.


Alignment with UNSDGs

Keshav Global embraces the mission of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), wholeheartedly aligning our business strategies with these global objectives. We have integrated the UNSDGs into the very fabric of our operations, ensuring that our actions contribute positively to the advancement of the global agenda.

Through our implementation of sustainable farming practices, we actively support Goal 2: Zero Hunger, working towards enhancing food security and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Our strong emphasis on clean energy is in harmony with Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, as we prioritize the utilization of renewable energy sources and actively reduce carbon emissions

Moreover, our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, philanthropy, and the empowerment of marginalized communities echoes throughout various goals, including Goal 1: No Poverty and Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.

By diligently pursuing these objectives, Keshav Global strives to forge a sustainable and inclusive future in perfect harmony with the UNSDGs.

Eco-friendly Timber

Keshav Global is firmly dedicated to advancing eco-friendly timber practices as an integral part of our comprehensive regeneration agenda. We uphold rigorous standards for forest management, placing utmost importance on environmental conservation and responsible utilization of resources throughout our timber production processes. Through purposeful collaborations and attaining relevant certifications, we actively endorse eco consciousness forestry practices, including initiatives for reforestation and forest protection. Furthermore, we prioritize the utilization of timber sourced from certified renewable origins, guaranteeing the traceability and legality of our timber supply chain. By championing eco-friendly timber, we strive to combat deforestation, safeguard biodiversity, and contribute to the long-term well-being and resilience of our forests and ecosystems.

Envisioning an Eco-conscious World by 2033

Embarking on our Vision 2033, Keshav Global is dedicated to building an Eco-conscious world by prioritizing environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Our strategic plan revolves around aligning our operations with these principles, driving positive change on a global scale. Central to our vision is the exclusive sourcing of timber from ethically managed forests, safeguarding precious ecosystems, and advocating responsible forestry practices. Simultaneously, we aim to foster low-impact cultivation and trade of agri-commodities, empowering farmers through guidance and support to adopt green farming methods. By promoting sustainable agriculture, we strive to strengthen food security, preserve natural resources, and uplift farming communities. Through the fusion of ethical timber sourcing and responsible agriculture, we envision a future characterized by resilience, harmony, and lasting positive impact.

Regenerative Farming

Keshav Global’s Regenerative Agriculture initiative revolves around three fundamental pillars. Firstly, the company places a great emphasis on sustainable practices with respect to natural cycles, ecosystem services and biodiversity protection, that includes sustainable crop and soil management, using rotation and other traditional methods, minimizing land tillage, soil degradation and allowing natural soil recovery and faster regeneration. Secondly, Keshav Global prioritizes the cultivation of organic crops that not only benefit the environment but also promote healthier food options. Lastly, the initiative is dedicated to ending global hunger by implementing pioneering agricultural techniques and engaging with local communities to enhance food security and promote sustainable farming methodologies. Through these endeavors, Keshav Global strives to actively contribute to a more resilient, fair, and environmentally conscious agricultural system


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Improving Soil Health


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