Vyom Garg

CEO & Managing Director

Over 16 years, Vyom Garg expanded his business from a wood processing plant in Gujarat, India, to the Dubai-based Keshav Group, operating in 19 subsidiaries across three continents, specializing in sustainable wood production and a wide range of agro commodities. His vision, "Vision 2033," aims to create a sustainable world through responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and supporting farmers in sustainable farming practices. Vyom Garg's Keshav Group follows a holistic "Seed to Retail" approach, revolutionizing the agricultural value chain by promoting sustainable and regenerative farming practices. The company focuses on both agri inputs (organic and inorganic) and agri outputs (cash crops, organic farming, and processing) across Africa, UAE, India, and other regions. This comprehensive strategy contributes to addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals and empowering local farmers while ensuring superior product quality.



Chief Financial Controller

Experienced finance professional with 15+ years of global expertise in manufacturing, FMCG, agri-commodities, and logistics. Specialized in financial management, reporting, system implementation, and cost savings, with notable achievements in ERP implementation and process optimization. Holds CA and IFRS certifications, advanced Excel skills, and a track record of leadership in financial roles.


Bhoopal Narayanaswamy

Company Secretary

 Bhoopal is a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with three decades of expertise in financial management and advisory roles across various industries and regions, including the MENA region. He has a strong track record in financial structuring, investment management, and CFO services, with notable achievements in private placements and large-scale funding projects.


Annabel Kamuche

Director - Organic Bio Segment

A highly accomplished leader with a background in law and extensive experience in the agricultural sector. She has successfully led the NICERT GROUP, introducing organic certification and agricultural consultancy services, and plays a pivotal role in advancing agriculture in Nigeria and Africa.


Jatinder Singh Sodhi

VP Sustainable Timber

 A highly accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in agro-commodity and FMCG sectors across diverse markets. His entrepreneurial acumen and strategic vision have consistently delivered exceptional results, making him a valuable asset to any organization


Govind Thorbole

VP Projects - Agro

 A highly experienced professional with over 40 years in the industrial sector, specializing in projects related to sugar plants, mining, construction, and more. He has a proven track record of successful leadership and expertise in various high-profile projects worldwide, making him a respected figure in the industry.


G. Ramesh Kumar

Head-African Timber Projects

A seasoned international business leader with expertise in import/export procedures, banking operations, logistics, and procurement, with a strong focus on West Africa. His multitasking ability, motivational skills, and adaptability have led to a successful career, making him a valuable asset to our organization in the field of international business


Tatyana Anashkina

Climate Desk

A passionate sustainability expert, brings her systemic thinking and multifaceted approach to Keshav Global after successful roles in energy storage manufacturing and consulting. She specializes in helping organizations reduce environmental impact, assess climate risks, and transition to sustainable, value-centered growth with net zero emissions and zero waste goals.


Mary Jacquiline S. Zayas

Company Secretary

Over a decade of experience providing comprehensive administrative support across diverse industries. Her expertise in management operations, outstanding communication, and organizational skills make her an invaluable asset, ensuring the smooth functioning and success of Keshav Global.



Agri Inputs Head - Ghana

A seasoned Agriculturist and Agribusiness specialist with over 21 years of experience, including an impressive tenure at Bayer West Central Africa S.A. In various roles, he successfully developed and implemented business strategies, increased market share, and managed relationships with regulatory bodies. His leadership as President of CROPLIFE Ghana and experience in multicultural environments make him a valuable asset for agriculture-focused organizations.



Agri Inputs Head - Africa

A seasoned Strategic Leader with 24+ years of experience in Agriculture across Asia and Africa. His expertise in market expansion, brand building, and turning businesses towards growth, along with a track record of increasing sales and market share, makes him a valuable asset for organizations.



Senior HR Manager

 An accomplished Senior Talent Acquisition professional with a track record of successful recruitment across multiple regions, including Europe, APAC, and MENA. She has excelled in high-volume recruitment, establishing strong relationships with internal stakeholders, and implementing innovative sourcing strategies. Stephanie's achievements include recruiting 100 employees at Httpool and sourcing talent for various roles, including tech-oriented profiles, across international markets.


Priyanka Vimal

HR Manager

Meet Priyanka, a dynamic, skilled, and self-driven Senior Human Resources Professional with over 12 years of extensive experience in managing various HR functions. Her diverse exposure spans different industries, including IT startups (Gloify), Multinationals (ETC), and PSU banks (SBI, IDBI), giving her a comprehensive understanding of the HR landscape. Holding an MBA in HR, she is deeply
committed to continuous professional development and is currently pursuing a certification course in Human Resource Management and Analytics from IIM – Kozhikode, further augmenting her skills and expertise.


Nabeen Singh Rana

GM Accounts & Finance

With nearly two decades of experience in Accounts & Finance, has been instrumental in overseeing financial functions for Keshav Global Group. He has managed accounting, audit, banking, and taxation for Indian and Singaporean entities, as well as facilitated High Seas sales and cargo clearance. His expertise has ensured smooth financial operations across multiple locations, including Dubai, for Keshav Global Trading LLC since 2014.


Chandra Vikram

Chief Financial Advisor

 A seasoned CFO with a strong track record in financial strategy, capital raising, M&A, and process optimization across various sectors and regions. His achievements include raising significant equity and debt capital, leading mergers and acquisitions, and implementing strategic initiatives for companies such as Sarvagram Group and Binani Industries Limited. His financial expertise and leadership have earned him recognition as a Top 100 CFO in India for multiple years.


Rajiv Kumar Bakshi

Non-Executive Independent Director

Meet Rajiv, a highly accomplished professional banker with an illustrious career spanning over 37 years. With a post-graduate degree in Science, he has honed his expertise across various domains of banking, encompassing branch management, credit, business planning and development, treasury, international banking, and business process re-engineering. Throughout his remarkable journey, Rajiv has garnered invaluable experience and knowledge, both in India and abroad. From 2008 until his retirement in 2012, Rajiv held the esteemed position of Executive Director at the Bank of Baroda, leaving an indelible mark on the institution. Prior to that, he made significant contributions to the Bank of India and IDBI, where he spearheaded their overseas operations, playing a pivotal role in shaping the success of these renowned financial institutions.

Currently, Rajiv serves as a distinguished Member of the Reserve Bank of India Services Board, a role he has held for the past four years. In addition, he acts as a Senior Adviser to Centrum Capital Ltd, a prominent Mumbai-based listed full-service non-banking financial company (NBFC). Furthermore, he holds positions as an Independent Director on the boards of several esteemed companies, including W H Brady and Company Limited since 2016, N R Agarwal Industries Limited since 2018, and Hiveloop Capital Private Limited since 2021.

Rajiv’s extensive experience and expertise have earned him a stellar reputation in the banking industry. His strategic insights, financial acumen, and exceptional leadership skills have been recognized and valued by domestic and international organizations alike. With an astute understanding of the intricacies of the banking sector, Rajiv continues to make significant contributions to the growth and development of the financial industry in India. His steadfast dedication and visionary approach set him apart as a true luminary in the field of banking.